Blažo Guzina, M.Sc., Dipl.-Ing. 


1975 -1977 

Electronic Industries of Niš, Serbia. R&D Engineer and Project Design Engineer, Sound Reinforcement and Public Address systems. Electroacoustical measurements and investigation of multiway loudspeaker cabinet systems in an anechoic room equipped laboratory. Design, project management and supervision of installation of Public address and Sound reinforcement systems. 

1977 - 1989
Technical Development Department, Radio Belgrade, Serbia. Acoustics Design Engineer and then Senior Engineer. Acoustics Architect, Consultant and Supervisor in designing and construction of numerous Radio and Television Canters in former Yugoslavia. Training instructor for recording and balance engineers in the courses of technical education programs held for the staff of Radio Belgrade.

1990 - 1991
European Broadcasting Union, Brussels, Belgium. The first ever appointed Euroradio Technical Co-ordinator. Management of international multilateral radio transmissions by satellite and terrestrial circuits. Organization of training courses, held in Stockholm and Prague, in 1991, for Eastern European Radio Engineers in order to facilitate their incorporation into the EBU technical procedure. 


1990 - 1992
Member of the European Broadcasting Union's specialists groups: Sub-group T5 (Radio Operations) within the working party T - International network transmission and operations, Eutelsat Radio Operations Group, New Technology Group and EBU International Relations Group. Delegate of the former Yugoslav Radio and Television (JRT) to the EBU's specialists groups: Eutelsat Radio Operations Group and New Technology Group until June 1992, when UN introduced sanctions to Yugoslavia


1993 - 2009
Senior Engineer, Technical Department, Radio Belgrade, and then Senior Engineer, Technical Development Department, Broadcast Engineering Section, Radio Television of Serbia. Work on numerous test projects and measurements concerning radio and TV broadcasting issues. Investigations of possibilities of improving the quality of broadcasting radio and TV programs.
Consultancy for architectural, civil engineering and audio companies. Design of room acoustics for broadcasting and recording studios, auditoria, theatres, concert halls, orchestra and chorus rehearsal halls, conference and congress halls, sports arenas and other public buildings. Solving sound insulation and architectural acoustic problems in the course of building or the reconstruction of existing facilities.


2010 - 2015

Freelance acoustics consultant, technical and scientific translator, technical writer and electronic media consultant.   

2015 onwards  

Retired senior acoustics consultant and asistant professor. 



Faculty of Electronic engineering of the University of Niš, Serbia (5 years). Dipl.-Ing. degree in Electronics and Telecommunications (European equivalent to the American Bachelor of Science degree).


1977 - 1979
Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Electrical engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

All examinations passed with the maximum possible rate (10). Main fields of study: audio techniques, digital techniques, building and architectural acoustics, sound insulation and room acoustics.


Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Electrical engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Master's thesis deals with Reverberation Time and Early Decay Time measurements in Concert Halls and Broadcast/Recording studios. 





Recognized as an expert by the International Telecommunication Union within the UN, Geneva.

2000 – 2008

In autumn 2000 prepared the entire technical education program, and took part in the founding of the University department, for a four-year studies of Sound recording at the Arts Academy of the University Braca Karic. Lectured Acoustics, Sound recording, Audio techniques, Sound Reinforcement techniques and Digital media.


English and French. Attended English and French language schools in London and Brussels in order to improve knowledge and pronunciation of languages. Also speaks or understand Serbian, Russian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Macedonian and other Eastern European languages.

Familiar with a PC and following computer programs: Word for Windows, Excel, Corel Draw, Front Page Express, Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop.


Four books in the field of Radio and TV techniques, published as an internal edition of Radio Television of Serbia, numerous technical papers in relevant Yugoslav and Serbian Journals and Congresses as well as several papers in English, which were presented at International Congresses and published by the Audio Engineering Society, the International Congress on Acoustics and EBU. Also the author of the university textbook UVOD U TEHNIKU SNIMANJA ZVUKA (SOUND RECORDING TECHNIQUE). The book is recognized as an official university textbook for students attending a four-year studies of Sound recording at University Braca Karic, Belgrade, Serbia. A recent book AUDIO TEHNIKA U RADIJU I TELEVIZIJI (AUDIO TECHNIQUES IN RADIO AND TELEVISION) deals with Digital Audio and Surround Sound techniques.
Regular contributor to the Radio World and Radio World International journals.


Blažo Guzina
Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: + 381 11 213 67 35 


State examination No. 2032/E

Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.


Graduate Engineer's Responsible Desiger License No. 353 I 68010


Serbian Chamber of Engineers.

Responsible Contracting Engineer's License No. 453 E 80010

Serbian Chamber of Engineers.

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